Writing A Compelling Resume

Writing A Compelling Resume

There are a multitude of websites that will give you pieces of the puzzle offered in Employ a Pro. A lot of them will get the job done, but they’re expensive. Some of them are crazy expensive. Let’s first look at your options for finding an employee. Monster.com is an excellent website for posting a job listing. Their regular listing price is $375 for thirty days and $395 for sixty days. Ouch! For a company that is bootstrapping it and living hand to mouth, that’s a lot of money! You could go to Craigslist. To post a Job in San Diego on Craigslist will cost you $25. But is this really the kind of site you typically go to find a professional. Maybe a gardener, a dishwasher or a person to haul your trash away. But a professional? I don’t think so.

Now if you go to headhunters to find a key employee or to fill a management position, you better hang on to your wallet. According to Wikipedia, executive search firms typical finder fees range from between 15% to 25%, based on the candidates first-year base salary. Now if you are a Fortune 500 company and have tons of money laying around, no sweat. However, if you’re a startup just trying to get your head above water this option is just out of the question.

Freelancer.com is another good site for finding a freelancer or consultant. You can list a project for free, but it will cost you and the freelancer big time in the end. You the employer will end up paying 3% and the freelancer 10% of the project cost. If you had a $1000 project, that’ll set you back $30 and cost the freelancer $100. You can bet that the freelancer is going to pad his bid by $100, if they know they’re going to get hit with this added cost. So in this case free is definitely not free. Now they do have basic, standard and premium membership plans that range between $4.95 to $49.95 per month. A basic plan doesn’t decrease your costs. It just gives you added features. The standard plan and premium plan zeros out the employer fee and lowers the freelancer fee to 5% and 3%, respectively. As a result, if you had a $1,000 project, between $54.95 to $79.95 goes to Freelancer and the rest goes towards your project. So in the end it’s going to cost your project between $54.95 to $130 to post a $1,000 job with Freelancer. And those fees are regular listing rates. Upgrading your listing will can cost you $9 to $66 more!

Guru.com is another option for finding freelancers. With this site it costs you nothing to list your project. However, like Freelancer, free is not free. Freelancers pay Guru.com a 7.45% or a 11.95% transaction fee. And you can bet they are going to add that cost into their bid. As a result, for a $1,000 project, $74.50 to $119.50 will go towards finding a freelancer.

Now to be fair to the above-mentioned sites, it is important to state what Employ a Pro does not do that they do. Unlike Guru.com and Freelancer.com, Employ a Pro does not handle payments for services rendered. It is our contention that in most cases this is not necessary. If milestones are established and the money for reaching each milestone is agreed upon in advance, the risk of not getting paid or not getting your project to the next milestone is minimal. You need to ask yourself, is it worth it to pay 10-12% for escrow services. We can provide escrow services through Escrow.com. They charge 3.25% for standard escrow service and do provide milestone escrow services if that what you require. However, I would contend that in most cases your cost of protection far outweighs your potential losses. It’s like buying extended warrantee policies. You have to weight out the chances you will utilize them versus their added cost. Like in the gambling casinos, the house usually wins.


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